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NEST+M cradles student violence!

This Blog belongs to concerned parents of students abused by the administration’s neglect. NEST+M, one of the very few G&T public schools in NYC, has one major flaw. It cradles student violence.

In the past year I, a parent of NEST+M students, have contacted the administration about the violent behavior of one fourth grade student numerous times. This student erases homework assignments from the white board, hits fellow students, screams at and threatens teachers, instructors and fellow students and smears fecal material on kindergarteners’ faces.

My odyssey started in September 2011 when my fellow parents publicly refused to say NO to such behavior. However, if parents of aggrieved children find this type of behavior on school property appropriate, should the school or the DOE find it appropriate too?

This is the question that this blog wants to pose.

If you have a story and want to share it, please emailĀ violenceatnest@gmail.com, and your voice will be heard.